October 24th, 2010

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soooooooo tired

just got home from a long day in michigan. I took some pics of Evan at the pumpkin patch.  That will follow in a friends only post.
Had a whole bunch of fun today. Family and friends a whole mess of food.
We got to my aunts around 1:30 michigan time which was pretty good considering we started out a bit later since we had to go to the grocery store and get pie for dessert. Then we hit Dunkin Donuts and got a few donuts and Mom and I got a coffee. The day had started out pretty crappy. It was raining and generally pretty shitty. By the time we got to my aunts it was raining but not so much.
My aunt had food ready right when we got there and we waited for my one cousin to come and pretty much ate right away. Then we decided to just go down the street to the pumpkin patch. My brother decided they were not going to bring the wagon cus it was crappy out well by the time we were going down the street it had stopped raining and the sun was trying to peek thru the clouds. so we pretty much gave him crap for not bringin the wagon.
Evan had a blast. they have these decorations like a train and a big tractor that kids could play on and in and a few cut outs that you put your head thru and they had see saws this year that was new. The tractor was new as well as one of the cut out things. But Ev had so much fun. He was walking around the pumpkins and trying to move the bigger ones. when it came down to the little ones he could pick up he picked them and was excited about that then later went back over picked up two of the small ones gave me one then proceeded to chuck the other one onto the ground and it rolled under my SIL's car (before we could stop him).
Then we went back to the house and dessert was brought out and we all hung out for awhile longer. My dad made some hot dogs cus people were hungry again and there was really no sloppy joe left. Evan was starving cus he really didn't eat anything when we got there. He was too busy taking everything in. So he finally ate some hot dog.
Everyone but us was pretty much leaving by 4:30 pm michigan time. My SIL had a bachelorette party tonight and Ev was so tired he was laying his head on my shoulder but not wanting to go to sleep. The kid never puts his head on my shoulder like that. We were taking bets that he fell asleep before they even hit the stop sign by my aunt's house. Virgina was no problem she was a good baby. I didn't take any pics of her at the pumpkin patch cus she was covered up and sleeping pretty much the whole time. And i was too busy chasing evan around.
We had a really good day. I love pumpkin day.
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Review: Sherani tufcoat plus calcium

this is very similar to seche vite without the shrinkage and Poshe. it's self leveling super shiney and makes your polish dry super fast.
it's sold at sally beauty supply but it's not on the website. Its not as expensive as poshe or seche vite BUT it is midrange.
I used rock topcoat the other day and like at midnight I ended up getting a dent in my polish. I was unloading groceries and a can hit my nail and really dented the crap out of it. I put this stuff on top and it leveled it out and my polish was dried thru in like 5 mins. (I had even cured my rock topcoat in the sun earlier that day when I polished my nails)