October 30th, 2010

MA - Kirsten Dunst "powder puff" 2

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OMG I am so stuffed

of course I have not eaten all day. My mom and i ran over to my SIL's mom's house we wanted to see everyone's costumes I did get a couple pics of my bro gayle and the kids so  I will post those in the next friends only post.
Then mom and I stopped and got the rest of the stuff for dinner. we made witches brew (i have the recipe posted a couple times here on my lj or click this and you can get it http://anya1976.livejournal.com/269695.html)

we did forget the shredded cheese I had to run to the store again lol
My SIL dropped their dogs off earlier today so we will have them overnight so then they don't have to worry about them til sometime tomorrow.
now I get to veg tonight
I think tomorrow for halloween I am going to try a bit of a gothic eye makeup look since I am handing out candy. I think my parents are going to our camper to check everything out after the high winds we had this week so i will be on duty here.
Ok now I am going to veg out and watch the ghost adventures marathon and digest my dinner.
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