December 17th, 2010

ELF- free candy

new mani

I wanted to use the Silver and I got a new blue this week I had orinally thought of using the green glitter on my ring fingers and leaving it at that but then I decided to wait til next week to do green and red glitter nails for christmas
this is China Glaze Cheers to you (silver) and ChG Frostbite(blue) the snowflakes I did with nail art polishes a silver glitter dot in the center and just a regular white
click for the original as usual
this week's mani China Glaze cheers to you and China Gla... on Twitpic

I used nail magic as a base and sherrani tufcoat as my topcoat
I forget how many weeks i've used nail magic and i have seen growth and strength to my nails. my right thumb is shorter cus i broke it a few weeks back and i cracked a bit of it last week or so my netbook was slipping and went to grab it and cracked some of my nail. it is getting past the tip of my thumb though and it hasn't taken long for it to grow out from the nub that it was.I had broken it down so low it wasn't even funny.