February 24th, 2011

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this weeks mani

I ended up cutting my nails 2 weeks ago cus i had a break that just was not patching correctly with silk wrap.

China Glaze has a crackle nail polish collection... kinda like the OPI shatter but with colors... there is of course black,white,grey, pink, teal,purple.
This stuff works pretty much like the shatter it depends on how much pressure you put on the brush when you apply I find when I don't put much pressure I get the least amount of shatter/crackle (I have found this on both OPI and the China Glaze). It also depends on how much polish you have on the nail.. I personally like a more medium layer not too thin cus I want the shatter color to be opaque and I do like bigger cracks. the thinner the coat the smaller and more cracks you get. I kinda like the fewer bigger cracks.
I personally like the brush on the china glaze ones better than the opi. My nail beds are longer and thinner so a smaller brush works better for me. I used the purple and pink colors and found that with the colors you can see and make sure the polish isn't drying and gumming up at the top of the bottle. I will have to use it a few more times to see how that compares though. I generally try to just take the brush out of the bottle long enough to do one nail. I put the brush back in the bottle often and i close it but not twist just to keep from being in the air too long.
OPI is supposed to be releasing a silver and white shatter color... I don't think I am gonna get the white cus I have the china glaze white.... but the silver I WILL be getting if I need to sleep in my car in front of the store on the release date.

click for bigger pic.
ChG Fault line and broken hearted crackle over Nubar Vaso and... on Twitpic

The base color i used was Nubar Vaso and on the ring finger I used china glaze coconut kiss it was the closest purple i had to the fault line crackle color. It needs to be a tad deeper but it is pretty close, i must say.

I have been using nail magic just to get the nails growing again