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Writer's Block: Be Prepared

We live in uncertain times. Earthquakes, hurricanes, the ever-present threat of zombies—do you have a disaster plan ready in case one of these things happens to you?

well i live in chicago so we don't get hurricanes here sometimes we do feel earthquakes but nothing that major I thought i had a plan for the zombies but was told my plan sucks over at the zombie_survival community. But i guess if i stockpile more food i should be good we have a generator guns my dad is a hunter so we have a reloading machine and a bunch of equipment.
I live in a brick house it's a ranch style house with a basement so as long as i board up the basement windows we are good we have steel doors.
My other plan is to go to a sam's club or whatever since they have lots of food and other shit there.... but it would probably be better in my house. lol
Ok yea so i think of these things,
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