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"Speak to me in the language of Moliere"

Ok i am totally geeking out right now. I got the movie Moliere. I have been obsessed with it since i saw it the other day. I ended up downloading it and i've watched it a few times since i downloaded it.
I want to screen cap it and i have a few ideas for a tribute vid. I just hope i can turn off subtitles for those since it's a french movie I don't want the text to get in the way.
I did an online reserve of the movie at borders let me tell ya i will be doing this more often lol If it says it's likely in store i am damn straight gonna reserve it. they hold it right behind the register so all you need to do is get in line and pay and go. done and back in the car.
Ok i think i am gonna go maybe watch moliere again lol ... yea i'm a nerd
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