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Ok yesterday was interesting.
 well it started out great i got the little lamby then i went to watch the kids. I just had Liam chloee was at a friend's after school.
I drove home in the snow it was slushy and gross on my ride home since it had been raining earlier in the day.
Then I made dinner and had to pick up my mom from work. It was snowing harder.
Mom and i went to walgreens after dinner she needed to get some stuff for our stockings. Turns out she left her christmas shopping money (gift cards you buy at walgreens need to be paid for in cash for some reason) sooo I told her i'd go home and get it the nice check out lady just kept her rung up until i got back we dont live far from walgreens BUT it was snowing no one was moving that fast on the road.
Then we stopped at the grocery store on the corner needed to pick up dinner for tonight and get bread and lunchmeat.
Then later last night we shoveled snow.
my boots are snowboots kinda but they have a heel on them the sole is solid but there is a pretty high heel on them and hey they were cute when i decided i wanted them 2 years ago but let me just say for shoveling they suck I thought i was gonna fall and kill myself a few times.
when doing that sort of thing you need to be firmly on the ground and your center of gravity needs to be normal.
I dont wear heels much now adays so these boots were working against me not for me lol. We did get the shoveling done pretty quick though we got just over 2 inches of snow.
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