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haven't posted too much lately

Haven't had much going on really. Christmas shopping getting ready for that.
this coming saturday we are going to dinner. Our family usually goes out to dinner for birthdays and stuff but this year we really haven't so Mom suggested we go to dinner just to kinda celebrate everyone's birthday.

and another random off topic thing I have been jazzed to be able to buy some more Miami glow. This is one of my absolute fave perfumes. Of course it was discontinued. I have a big bottle stockpiled and i had a 1.7 bottle that i didn't use much i saw miami glow at walgreens and my mom suggested buying it for my stocking for christmas i of course said YES then we went back to walgreens the other day and the one cashier that checked us out the last time said she saw something i'd like and she went to the gift set aisle and brought out a miami glow gift set with a 1oz bottle of the perfume and a bronzing powder for 22 dollars so i was like HELL YEA and i bought it for myself so on top of the 1 oz bottle my mom got me for my stocking and the 1 oz bottle i bought myself i have enough for a little while. I will still continue to stock pile (and keep the extra bottles in cool dark areas so they will not change on me. HOPEFULLY i can find another huge bottle somewhere when we are shopping cus i'd like to get another big bottle. Or even better if they would just bring it back so i wouldn't have to do all this stockpiling.

Please Jennifer i really hate most things about you and your other perfumes but bring back my miami glow its the only thing with your name on it that i will EVER buy.
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