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i like semagic BUT

why do they not have an embed code for embedding video to posts??? can i add that somewhere or something.
cus honestly if i could use some alternate way to do that i would hardly post from the webpage. deepest sender has issues with posting user names that they haven't fixed yet granted i don't post user names often but when i want to i can't use DS for that. and who remembers the code to be able to do it when you arent on the webpage or whatever.
I need shortcuts man!!!!
I totally admit that i use my LJ add on's for firefox all the time for stuff like that but when i am not posting from the webpage I don't have those shortcuts.
so just wondering semagic users... is there a way to kind of add on the shortcuts you use the most to the program?? well ones that aren't already on here?? another awesome feature would be posting the same message to different communities in one shot like you can post to multiple journals
Tags: firefox add ons, my life

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