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The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 23:04 water still coming in.... freeze baby freeze #
  • 00:03 debating on going to borders tomorrow they are having decent sales on stuff #
  • 01:08 Listening to the wind blow stuff around as it gets stronger #
  • 01:51 it's finally cold again ... about time!! i hope to never say those words again #
  • 02:01 hhm do i really want to watch desperately seeking susan right now #
  • 02:22 finally uploaded some makeup stash pics to my scrapbook #
  • 02:28 Writer's Block: Easy Like Sunday Morning #
  • 04:18 about to go to sleep but watching two of a kind on encore instead damn 80's weekend sucked me in #
  • 12:23 ack i cannot get to facebook. going thru slight withdrawls. #
  • 13:57 debating on going to borders... is 20%off that good of a coupon to get dressed and go?? i'm not sure #
  • 14:02 The Best Buzzwords of 2008 (and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them) | The Copywriter Underground #
  • 14:02 ok watching the 80's weekend on encore makes me wanna be a kid again when these movies came out *sigh* #
  • 14:54 ok i need another way to store my makeup uploaded some pics of the "stash" I think i need a trip to the contoner store #
  • 15:52 the question is do i want to return MUFE's HD powder it gives a white cast in pics and it's SILICA which isnt good for u to breathe #
  • 17:16 chicken mcnuggets = food of the gods #
  • 17:30 SPCA: Wilkes-Barre woman markets pierced kittens -- #
  • 17:38 watching Weird Science... i love this movie #
  • 19:16 Haven't really updated much lately.. #
  • 19:19 ok going to watch back to the future, i shall be back later... or sooner who knows when the mood will strike to look something up online #
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