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Imported Tweets

The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 23:04 water still coming in.... freeze baby freeze #
  • 00:03 debating on going to borders tomorrow they are having decent sales on stuff #
  • 01:08 Listening to the wind blow stuff around as it gets stronger ff.im/pPNc #
  • 01:51 it's finally cold again ... about time!! i hope to never say those words again #
  • 02:01 hhm do i really want to watch desperately seeking susan right now ff.im/pQRO #
  • 02:22 finally uploaded some makeup stash pics to my scrapbook ff.im/pRdr #
  • 02:28 Writer's Block: Easy Like Sunday Morning ff.im/pRpB #
  • 04:18 about to go to sleep but watching two of a kind on encore instead damn 80's weekend sucked me in #
  • 12:23 ack i cannot get to facebook. going thru slight withdrawls. #
  • 13:57 debating on going to borders... is 20%off that good of a coupon to get dressed and go?? i'm not sure #
  • 14:02 The Best Buzzwords of 2008 (and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them) | The Copywriter Underground ff.im/q7gk #
  • 14:02 ok watching the 80's weekend on encore makes me wanna be a kid again when these movies came out *sigh* #
  • 14:54 ok i need another way to store my makeup uploaded some pics of the "stash" I think i need a trip to the contoner store is.gd/dRYW #
  • 15:52 the question is do i want to return MUFE's HD powder it gives a white cast in pics and it's SILICA which isnt good for u to breathe #
  • 17:16 chicken mcnuggets = food of the gods #
  • 17:30 SPCA: Wilkes-Barre woman markets pierced kittens -- chicagotribune.com ff.im/qcrc #
  • 17:38 watching Weird Science... i love this movie #
  • 19:16 Haven't really updated much lately.. ff.im/qeWG #
  • 19:19 ok going to watch back to the future, i shall be back later... or sooner who knows when the mood will strike to look something up online #
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Hi, I am 36 year old BBW from outside Chicago. I loooove makeup. I also love to tan, listen to music, watch movies, hang out, pretty much anything a normal person likes to do. (I have links to my different profiles listed below)

This used to just be my makeup journal, but I have since started using it more and more for everyday things. Face of the day's will still be done but not the ONLY thing posted here.
Any of my FOTD pics will be listed with FOTD tags.(so check the tags plz)

Icons I have made will have an icon tag as well as the movie or show I made them from.
I created my own icon journal for my icons but I will post links to them here. I have Friend locked some of my older Icon posts so all those icons that are locked can also be found at my icon journal.
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