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Imported Tweets

The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 22:58 Imported Tweets #
  • 23:55 slacking and watching malcom in the middle #
  • 00:01 woohoo reruns of reno911! #
  • 11:37 i have a wicked headache but still need to get in the shower...i'm sure i'll wait til the last minute to do so #
  • 11:43 Writer's Block: Internal Assets #
  • 11:53 ok i think i am going to shower now... not that i really want to... head is still pounding #
  • 12:40 getting ready to leave fo the afternon shoppin with mom #
  • 19:16 back home from shopping... didn't go anywhere that fun got a dehumidifier for the basement though so yaay #
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