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The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 23:57 on the phone with an old friend yay #
  • 03:10 Writer's Block: Auld Lang Syne #
  • 03:12 debating if i should just go to bed.... Happy new year to my friends celebrating in a few hours #
  • 13:23 not sure what my plan for today is yet.... #
  • 15:39 strange things are afoot at the circle K... i had nothing else to say so you got a movie quiote #
  • 16:46 Voice Post #
  • 16:49 afk for a bit tweet to ya all later #
  • 18:39 looking for a good new wallpaper for my computer *sigh* so many to choose from #
  • 19:01 how the hell have i gotten so addicted to clean house... i blame my mother for this new addiction #
  • 21:09 looking for zune 30 gig info i read something earlier today that they weren't working but he has one and i can't find what i read #
  • 21:12 Movie Mistakes of 2008 - Neatorama #
  • 21:15 Microsoft blames leap year for Zune freeze - Tech and gadgets- #
  • 21:27 ok why is redeyechicago NOT on friendfeed... or am i just blind??? #
  • 21:54 OMG i so love niecey's makeup on "clean house" soo pretty #
  • 22:24 debating mixing up a cocktail #
  • 22:34 made myself a malibu baybreeze yuum and oh so girly #
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