Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

why do i get massive headaches when i have things planned??

I am picking up my two teenage cousins today for a sleep over. It's their last few days of winter vacation and they suggested coming to sleep over.
Vicki is 14 and Chloe is 12 the sucky part is chloe lives an hour away BUT if i pick up vick first then i can kinda break up that drive since she lives a half hour from me.

I have a massive headache so that's just lovely i have to take something to see if it goes away. I don't have to pick up the girls til this afternoon. i'll leave here around 3 since tomorrow they don't have to be home that early. So i'll probably drop them off around early evening who knows yet. I have no idea even what we will do. I know i told them we'd go to borders since there are pretty good sales.
Maybe we will do a chick flick movie marathon and play with my makeup who knows yet.
All i know is i do not feel like getting in the shower yet so that is just going to have to wait.
So honestly I may go lay back in bed til i absolutely HAVE to get in the shower.

well i have to say at least teenage girls will be easier than the little girls since i don't have to entertain the teenagers as much as i did the 7 year olds.
Tags: my life

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