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The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 02:18 searching for some local twitterers *sigh* #
  • 02:21 snow sucks, i think i am quitting winter. it needs to be spring ASAP #
  • 02:52 finally going to bed... nighters #
  • 13:45 should be watching the tudors dvds but here i sit at the computer #
  • 16:00 how the hell did i get into the OC reruns?? #
  • 16:59 starving hopefully dinner is done soon #
  • 18:31 rediscovering my love for DMB *sigh* #
  • 18:47 contemplating doing a asprin/honey mask tonight #
  • 20:03 how did i get sucked into watching the people's choice awards is there NOTHING better on? #
  • 20:08 no offence to carrie underwood on the PCA but skid row's sweet little sister came on and i'd rather listen to that #
  • 20:17 gonna pimp my page if you are on there add me to your friends list #
  • 20:32 still watching the awards show volume down and my music playing #
  • 21:16 ok now watching the barbara walters special #
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