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Imported Tweets

The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 01:44 ugh it sucks to have a crush on someone that you know will never go anywhere #
  • 01:59 I should be going to bed... but i'm not yet #
  • 03:06 ok gonna TRY to go to bed now... night #
  • 11:52 ok i have been queen of slack i must get in the shower and get ready to leave now #
  • 12:18 ok queen of slack needs to be queen of get her butt movin' talk to ya'll later #
  • 16:35 finally made it home... it's a tad chilly out there #
  • 22:24 tomororw is gonna suck with all the snow... thank god i don't have to go anywhere #
  • 22:54 nightline talking about men's chest hair... i hope more men STOP shaving and waxing now... back hair,no. Chest hair,YES!! #
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