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Imported Tweets

The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 00:27 *sigh* i don't wanna grow up... i'm a toys R us kid... #
  • 02:53 cleaning makeup brushes i will need tomorrow morning in attempts to get my head out of the gutter #
  • 03:21 i really need to sleep yet i am not tired yet #
  • 04:25 ok going to bed.... night #
  • 09:57 woke up late.... go figure #
  • 10:14 not in the mood to do my own makeup can someone send me a makeup and hair person thanks #
  • 11:20 ok pretty much ready to leave for SIL baby shower part deux (i think that's how it's spelled lol) #
  • 16:25 made it thru the shower woohoo #
  • 18:27 ok finally added a new FOTD to my LJ it's been far too long #
  • 19:10 ah ok i am starving what to do go pick something up or actually figure out something to make hhmmm #
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