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The tweets I've tweeted since my last import....

  • 01:17 ok i am definitely "in like" *sigh* #
  • 02:41 omg so tired had to get up waaaaaaaaay too early night night #
  • 13:44 i am so not lookin forward to more snow #
  • 15:31 wow i have lots of news in my twitter feed... may have to quiet it down a tad #
  • 15:45 i have to make dinner i am just not feelin' it #
  • 16:53 cooking dinner... still not wanting to do it #
  • 17:40 Dinner was good... now i am vegging out watching the news #
  • 19:10 hanging out waiting for one tree hill to start... yes i am a geek #
  • 20:40 snow sucks... that is all #
  • 22:20 just watched the news report on twitter woohoo channel 7 news for being so cool #
  • 22:36 wow this day went by fast #
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Tags: twitter

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