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wow... been awhile...

I know I haven't really written anything in awhile but nothing is really going on.
Been watching the kids. I've just been kinda bored with everything lately. I go thru these phases. I am bored with the internet I am bored with phone calls i am just bored. I think it's probably got something to do with it being winter and that i am SOOO sick of winter.

I have been fairly active on twitter and friendfeed  But since those are pretty much micro blogging it's easier. Since I haven't had much to say lately. (and for those I IM with you know i have been way boring lately) I just really have not had the attention span to do anything but microblog.. sad Eh?

I have to start tanning soon my brother's wedding is in april and i would like to have some color and I know that tanning might actually help my mood. I think that is another thing for my mood being the way it has been. My one brother just had a baby the other is getting married and YET i am still single ... pretty darn single. OK it maybe shouldn't bother me but it kinda does i mean i am getting older and it sucks (picture marissa tomei in my cousin vinny where she's screaming about her biological clock ticking) Yea that's me.
Times like this i wonder am i just unloveable?? Do i suck that much that no one wants to be around me willingly???
ok this is getting depressing so I will cut this short. I dont wanna bring EVERYONE down.
I hope you are all having a great weekend and i hope to update again soon and hopefully have something mroe cheerful to say.
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