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Review: LUSH Tea Tree Water toner

Ok this is an unexpected rave since I generally loathe lush.
I've been using this for 2 weeks. I am seeing improvements to my face. I have areas that are blackhead prone... yea gross but it's a fact of life.
My nose and the areas around my nose have them.
Since I have been using Tea Tree Water i have seen an improvement on them.
I haven't really changed my routine that much I have added the dreaded LUSH Fresh Farmacy face wash in the rotation but i generally use origins get down and check and balance as my face washes. I want to get rid of FF so i figured i'd start using it. (even though it when i use it with a face brush to wash my face the film doesn't seem as bad on my skin weird.. but i digress)

I've used other toners but of course they contain alcohol and burned the living crap out of my skin and made the oil production in my face go overboard.
I can't really say much for curbing oil production since I have been using thick moisturizers on my face which make me a tad more oily anyway.
I haven't done my makeup in a couple weeks and since I haven't done my face i've been exclusively using my burt's bees beeswax moisturizing day creme.
I like that this toner does not contail alcohol i don't need to "feel the burn" to know something works. Kinda like that crest pro heath mouthwash commercial lol.

My excema is been at bay which could be the moisturizer the toner and the face washes in the "rotation" so i won't say that this toner is keeping that in check.

I would say the most noticable thing is the blackheads becoming more non existant which makes me happy. My skin hasn't been without them since I was using Jojoba oil to moisturize with. I stopped because it was getting colder out and the jojoba wasn't cutting it moisture wize and i needed more for my skin.

I didn't want to write about this toner until I had given it a few weeks and I've used it every time i wash my face which on some days is twice a day and others just once. I have also a few times just used this toner mid day and wiped my face.

I only bought the 3.3 fl oz bottle and I have to say I still have a ton left but i am planning on buying the bigger bottle once i run out.

check out lush's page about tea tree water HERE



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Feb. 21st, 2009 09:02 am (UTC)
I'd be interested in trying it, but have to wait a bit
I too have the yucky black heads especially in the nose area. No matter what I do they are there, so this definitely interest me big time!

thanks hon :)
Feb. 21st, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
I have to say they aren't gone yet but they are getting sooo much better.
when i was using jojoba oil i had them completely gone for a good lone while it was fabulous but since my excema has flared up and since it's winter i couldn't just use that on my face and of course those little black bad boys came right back.

the little bottle of tea tree water cost me like 8 bucks.I have a love hate relationship with lush so i wasn't going to buy the big bottle bur right now i am singing it's praises.
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