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happy halloweenie!!!

ok i love halloween
I am not dressing up but i will be handing out candy. I will also be having the halloween tradition of eating "Witches Brew" for dinner. Yum yum yum it's so good. We've had this every year since as long as I can remember.
I think even my mom had it as a kid it's a simple recipe  but it's YUMMY.

I hope my brother brings the baby over so we can see his costume but who knows.
I really don't have much to say but happy halloween and add the witches brew recipe to the blog

ok you can adjust this to how many people you are feeding

2-1/2 lbs of ground beef
3 cans of Special Hunts tomato sauce (with green pepper and onion)
2 can of diced tomatoes 1 large and one small
1 can of cheddar cheese soup
1 medium onion (diced)
1 small box of creamettes

all you do is brown the meat, boil the noodles keep the noodles separate
mix the meat, soup, tomato sauce,  tomatoes, and onion together in a pot and spoon over noodles when hot.

you can add shredded cheese of your choice to the top which makes it even better
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