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ugh why right before thanksgiving

Ok I am fighting a cold. Which of course cannot come at a worse time since thanksigiving is thrusday.
I am sucking down airborne and hoping that this runny nose/sneezing goes away.
If i am sick I know I will want to stay home and I'll miss out on the huge dinner and I'll be pissed.
I am debating on going shopping on friday I don't really plan on buying any "presents" i'll just be shopping for me. and i'll only have a couple hundred bucks I ended up buying sex and the city series  and a few other dvds a couple weeks ago so the bulk of the cash i had saved went to that.
the only people i am really buying for is mom and dad and my nephew but even my nephew he's only going to be 1 in feb soo  I may just get him a savings bond or something for when he's 18. my mom i have no idea yet and my dad is HARD to buy for. my brothers and i probably won't exchange so i am not worried about them and their wives. so with leftover cash i can spend on ME maybe some new makeup i haven't bought anything in awhile.
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