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Writer's Block: Book worms unite!

What are the three best books you have ever read and what are the three worst? What made them so good or bad?

Hmm I like most books I've ever read.
Gone With The Wind is a fave of mine. I love the Harry Potter books, the Feast of All Saints by anne rice is a great book

I can't remember most of the bad ones except for and I know I will get crap for this since I just read it last week Twilight. OMG it was freakin horrible. Sorry Folks but it was. I just started new moon but haven't gotten very far due to the twilight-trama.

This is my fave review that i've seen of twilight over on goodreads I'll post it here also though

Save your time: here's the entirety of Twilight in 20 dialogue snippets & a wiggedy-wack intermission.

First 200 pages:
"I like you, Edward!"
"You shouldn't! I'm dangerous!"
"I like you, Edward!"
"But I'm dangerous!"

Next 50 pages:
"I'm a vampire!"
"I like you, Edward!"
"But I'm a vampire! I'm dangerous!"
"I like you, Edward!"

Next 100 pages:
"I like you, Edward!"
"You smell good, Bella. I'm dangerous!"
"I like you, Edward!"
"Damn, you smell good."
"I like you, Edward!"
"Also, I glow in sunlight."

Next 50 pages:
(I wish I was kidding)

Last 100 pages:
"Help me, Edward! I'm being chased!"
"I'll save you!"
"Help me, Edward! I'm scared!"
"I'll save you!"
"Oh, Edward!"
"You smell good."

(One half star for lack of quality, and one half star for being unintentionally hilarious... especially page 314.)

I have to say there are some GREAT reviews over at goodreads on twilight but Joe's was the best which is why I posted it here
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