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Ok I am all kinds of jazzed....

got a record player/cd/cassette/radio that records to cds I need to dig out all my records. I had some easy to get but the rest are in a closet that my computer desk is in front of. Those will not be easy to get to. Most of the records are or used to be my parents but I now claim them as mine.

Most are from the 60’s and 70’s. i have the beatles white album, the doors first album. The Easy Rider Soundtrack. Jimi Henrix and Otis Redding from the montery pop festivel. Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I am listening to my Madonna Like a Virgin album right now. Next will be Thriller since these are mine my mom bought them for me when they had come out.I have to say for me being 8 years old when this madonna album came out I took pretty good care of it. hardly any scratches. This won’t be put on cd since it does have scratches and i have the mp3’s of these songs anyway but I am so excited about this player. I need to find our old christmas albums, Right now I only have Barbra Streisand a christmas album out. I know we have a chipmunks christmas and a few other chipmunks records. I have chipmunk punk from back in the day with the chipmunks singing the knack and the cars and i think blondie songs. At least these albums were in easy reach. I had a record player when i got my first stereo but it broke and haven’t had a record player since. These albums were just put in easy reach unlike the others. I have a load of elvis records that were my grandma’s that I got when she died.

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