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Writer's Block: Smoke screen

What are your feelings towards smoking? What rights do you think smokers and non-smokers should have?

OK I am a social smoker, I smoke when I go out (sometimes) not that I can smoke in bars anymore or anything :(
I think that the government shouldn't be telling people they can't smoke by banning it in most places except your fucking house and your car.
I think that instead of insane high taxes on cigarettes they should tax alcohol just as much since drinking can also kill you. I guess it's more socially acceptable to be fall down puking in your purse drunk than to OMG have one cigarette.
Drinking causes diseases as well as smoking,but I guess that's ok too.
In my opinion if you are going to tax vices why not tax all vices equally. I mean they raise taxes on cigarettes and when people quit or get their cigarettes from different states or whatever and they aren't getting the tax money they expected from it they bitch. Maybe if they raised taxes on booze people would not get so ridiculously fall down idiotic drunk and drive their cars and kill people. It would be too expensive to get that insanely drunk. I think drunk drivers can do a hell of more damage than a pack of cigarettes.
When I smoke I try to be polite about it. I mean I don't think it's my god given right to smoke any time any place unlike some people. If I know people are non smokers I try not to let my smoke go up their nose (well when we were in bars but you can't smoke in bars anymore in Illinois)
If I knew someone really hated smoking and they were in my car I wouldn't smoke just because they were with me.
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