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Was listening to some christmas albums tonight

Since we got the record player thing I've been playing some records.
Tonight we had Evan over here so we hung out in the computer/spare room and played music.
this pic is of the Alvin and the chipmunks albums. That last one's cover always scared the shit out me as a kid. It doesn't say it's the chipmunks but it is.

and here are my faves I think. Twas The Night Before Christmas and Frosty the Snowman

click for bigger images.

I am debating on putting these on cd even though there are some scratches on them. I need to find a good site for albums, and album care. I wonder if there is a secret to make scratches that aren't THAT bad more unnoticeable.
I have to say there are some scratches there are no helping though.

If anyone knows any cool stores that sell vinyl in the chicago area please let me know. Now that I have something to play them on I am on the lookout. I am seriously considering buying The Pirate Movie soundtrack that i've seen on ebay over the years.
I haven't been in Rolling Stones in a long time do they still sell any vinyl??

Tags: christmas, evan james, my life

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