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Writer's Block: Holiday cheer

Do you tend to get nostalgic during the holidays? Depressed? Giddy? How do the winter holidays make you feel?

I tend to start nostalgic then slide into grumpy and depressed. I guess being an adult most of the magic is gone from christmas. I think that now that I have my nephew it might be more fun. He's not even a year old so christmas isn't fun with him yet. I am kinda eager for next year and the year after to enjoy christmas thru him.
I am looking forward to tomorrow though. I see the kids I babysit and get to give them their christmas presents that I bought for them. I am excited to see their reactions. I hope they like what I get them.
It was always fun to see my cousins reactions when I would give them stuff for christmas.

I think my general holiday grumpiness is because these stupid christmas commercials and decorations are up before even halloween by christmas I am sick of it and just want it to be over then you get a week without those jewelry commericals and flower commercials and it starts all over again with stupid valentine's day.
Let me just say when you are single the holidays are even worse.
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