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christmas eve

Had a good time. Went to dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, couple of cousins my Great Aunt and my Mom's cousin. Then we went to my Brother's for dessert. We had a lot of fun. I unfortunately injured myself. I ended up having my foot slip out from under me and I twisted my ankle as I was getting in the car from my aunt's house when we were going to my brothers. We had to stop over there to get dessert that she made. I was carrying the Chocolate Trifle. I did not manage to ruin the dessert. My ankle twisted and I ended up falling on my back with the bowl on me. I fell between the curb and the car and it's been raining here in chicagoland today so the street was wet and there was slushy snow still there so yea that was fun. I got wet my ass was wet my sock on my foot that i didn't twist got wet when my shoe fell off as i fell. Now I am left with a swollen ankle and foot.
We were supposed to be doing dinner at my house tomorrow with my one brother, sister-in-law and nephew coming here and my other brother not coming for dinner at all. On the way home my brother called and said we should go back t his house tomorrow for dinner. Meanwhile we have all the stuff for dinner already (turkey, potatoes, vegetable,rolls) here. My brother said something about my other brother and SIL and neph going to midnight mass tonight so he said something about calling him to tell him about the change.
BUT there is also the monkey wrench of the house getting water since it's been raining. We of course are getting rain in our basement if it continues we won't be able to go by Mike's anyway because we have to bail out our basement. I guess details will be ironing out tomorrow unless Mike was too drunk to remember his idea of us now going there for dinner instead of having Kev and Gayle come over here while they stay home and do their own thing. I just know that I was kinda looking forward to not getting out my pajamas all day tomorrow. I have a feeling even if we do go over there I am still wearing some sort of comfy clothes cus dammit I am in pain and that shall be my excuse.
I looked cute tonight wore some nice new jeans that I love and I need to get another pair and i was wearing cute pumps (the red ones I had gotten to wear at Mike's wedding but didn't wear cus they gave me blisters when i wore them with no nylons or anything) Now they are the heels of death since they tried to kill me when I was just standing there.
OK.... It's now after 3am I was up at 7am this morning and I need to get my ass to bed.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
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