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can't believe I haven't posted about christmas day yet...

well christmas day was very nice... well besides the water that was seeping into the basement.
We battled that until Kevin,Gayle and Evan came over. Then we shut the shop vac off and sat with them to open presents (well only Evan opened anything cus they were all his presents)
Mom made dinner she made turkey and the fixings. Pretty much thanksgiving dinner. I love my moms turkey and stuffing and all that. we hung out and watched it's a wonderful life and enchanted afterwards.
My brother Michael wanted all of us to come to his house for christmas but my other brother and  gayle were like no tradition is to come here cus we hang out and have a good time. I guess they had said that if it was at mike's there would be no hanging out it would pretty much be eating and then leaving so they did NOT want to go there for dinner.
Staying home was better for me anyway since I didn't get to bed til late and I did not want to have to get out of my pajamas to go anywhere.
I also ended up starting lose my voice christmas day.
It was the scratchy throat and you knew something wasn't right.
By the day after christmas my voice wasn't all there and i felt like poop. So that's pretty much where we are now. I didn't do anything all weekend. I stayed home and slept cus I haven't felt great.
I am feeling much better though today. I need to be 100% by saturday cus I am taking Evan for an overnighter. Gayle is going to a bachelorette party and I'm not sure what kev is doing but Gayle suggested I take the kid over night so I said sure. I mean we have the baby monitor and the crib why not.
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