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Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE.
I ended up falling asleep before midnight but my friend Alice called me a couple mins til and had me stay on the phone til after the clock struck midnight.
Yesterday just kinda hung out at home. Dad had to work so we had dinner early and then hung out.
My sleep schedule has been all messed up since Christmas day when I fell asleep right after Kev and Gayle left.
With the baby coming and spending the night here tonight I need to be awake with him til he goes to sleep.
But on the plus side with that I've been up at the buttcrack of dawn so i'll not have an issue when he gets up in the morning lol

Kevin is going snowboarding in a couple weeks and Gayle asked me to stay over and help her with Evan and stuff. So I will be over there when he leaves for 8 days. Now that will be interesting lol
Tags: dad, evan james, gayle, kevin, mom, my life

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