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my olympics coverage rant

I am gonna rant a little bit about the primetime Olympics coverage. In the ice skating events (mens,ice dancing,pairs,women's) only showing what a whopping 8 competitors?? wtf. I remember the skating was an all day event before it was hours of coverage seeing ALL the skaters.
When I sit down to watch the skating I want to see EVERYONE not just people expected to medal.During the day and the over night you get like 6 hrs of curling coverage uum couldn't that effort be put into other things as well?? Ok I admit I love the curling but damn  I think we are getting gypt on other stuff.
The other channels with olympics stuff have had other races and events in their entirety as well. I know there are so many events but damn I think these skating comps are a fucking joke.
well the women's long program is a joke anyway cus it's obvious who is gonna win  why even have them skate just hand over the medals.

ok while i am bitching about skating what is it about these skaters who are falling yet getting these high scores??
I remember when if you fell you had no chance of even getting any sort of medal you went and cried to the coach that you messed up/fell or whatever. I am still mondo annoyed that Johnny Weir who skated a wonderful program long and short and was behind skaters who fell/messed up and not just one little mess up like totally fell and whatever.
ok i think I am done
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