Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

*Yawn* Happy Monday ....

My mom's cousin called me early to ask me what days I had free. She's having knee replacement surgery and she wanted to know if my Great Aunt called me to take her shopping and whatever I could do it. Of course I said yes. I mean, it's my Great Aunt, I'll do what I can to help out.
Cath and I had this same convo when she had jaw surgery... But my Aunt didn't call. Who knows if she will this time but I'll be able to take her to the store and whatever if she does.
On Wednesdays I can take her if she needs too even though I have Evan I can take him with, since I have a carseat for Ev, and I know she'd love to see him.
My Auntie Evelyn is a trip though. She's always so much fun and got some great stories. She used to be all about parties back in the day. My grandparents and all of them LOVED to go out drinking and dancing.
My family has been a part of this sportsman's club for a very long time. My dad is a member, so are a couple of my uncles and now my brother and cousin have joined. My grandparents and great aunt and uncle were very active with the club.My Great Uncle was even president of it a long time ago. My grandma and Aunt were on the women's committee and would plan parties and all kinds of events. I've heard lots of stories about how much fun they were. Ok I am rambling now lol have a great day.
Tags: my life

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