Anya1976 (anya1976) wrote,

Finally found it...

I was looking for this rosary my mom had found and given me. It was in an antique chest. it's broken there is one part that one of the links is opened I tried bending it to fix it but it wasn't workin too well.
I don't know how old this rosary is but it's really kind of beautiful.
I have the rosary that belonged to my mom's mother, I got that for my communion. This one seems older.. It probably is. I need to get my grandma's rosary fixed. it too has links that are opened i have to hang it to keep it together which I am sure doesn't help but her rosary is beautiful it's got clear beads.

I am really not a practicing catholic, I have serious issues with the bible and who wrote it and is it actually the word of "God" or if people who wrote it were just really high or something.
I lack that blind faith that most good catholics have. I believe if I can see it and touch it it's real. Like dinosaur bones I can see them and touch them (if no one is looking when I am at the museum), or even Darwin's evolution theory you can see how humans have evolved. I also really hate the role women play in the bible. Mostly not very nice lol women were bad and it's a male dominated system (like that has proven to be good all the time?).
Ok I am sure I have offended some but these are my views. I have the right to feel this way so if I lose people because of my feelings so be it.
anyway... here is a picture I took of the rosary.

click for a bigger picture.

Tags: my life, pics

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