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I am sitting here in bed watching some tv and listening to music... makes sense huh why I do this I have no idea.
I am still loving the netbook but I do need my main computer for some things. I have to admit I am using the netbook more just because of the portability
I also like it cus it's faster than my desktop I need to wipe the HD there and start over but I dont want to lose everything I have on there. i have some programs that i use that i have lost serials for and whatever that I do use and would hate to not have anymore. most of the stuff I can just back up on cds. I haven't played my sims 2 in awhile so i could back that up onto a bunch of cds and not worry about losing my custom content.
I mean if could keep the programs that i want and then wipe everything else i'd have it made.
Most stuff is on my external drive like my music and downloads. the only stuff that goes to my HD these days are pictures from my camera but even so I have not moved anything over there in awhile i've kept it on the sd card in my camera and used a card reader to post pics or whatever from there.
off to another tangent ..
i was thinking today I want to make a little video from my videos of evan but I need to find a song I want to use. I have quite a few of them from the day he was born til now and I wanted to do something cute.
I need to go thru the music I have and see what fits.
Ok so that's some of the randomness from me today lol. I figured I'd update since I haven't in awhile. Haven't had much to say really.
Have a great week :)
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