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My Craptacular Thursday...

Evan slept over,which generally isn't bad but on days I am going to Kelly's it makes it a tad more hectic.
I did give myself more time to get ready but still was running late. I did get there on time though.
Evan and Liam had lunch then Liam went outside I was still finishing up with Ev.
Liam came in and went into the bathroom.... he seemed to take longer than usual and he didn't call me to do the wipe.
I went to check on him and then I saw it. not the mess you would think but spots that were stepped in and all over the floor and the bathroom rugs. I asked him what happened he said he had an accident. I asked him WHY he had this accident. He responded with... I was too busy playing to go potty. Well no duh by the mess on the floor.
I had left Evan but he followed me I was bringing him in the kitchen and getting some cleaner and paper towels.
I return to the bathroom and Mookie (the dog) is licking the floor. I scream at Mook and start spraying some bathroom cleaner. I roll up the rugs get Liams clothes together I start the tub tell him to get in even though it hasn't filled yet.
I hear evan yelling from the kitchen.. I go in there to see him standing in the middle of the kitchen table with my bottle of water turned upside down in his hands and with water on the table and the floor.
I grabbed him now that the floor had been cleaned brought him into the bathroom. he wasplaying with Liam while he was in the tub. Then I finally got downstairs to put the rugs in the wash.
It did get a tad better from there but I am sure it will be awhile before this day is topped.
sorry if I grossed ya'll out.
Tags: evan james, liam, my life

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