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ok so as the subject line said Yes I have my period. I generally have enough tampons pads andstuff for at least a couple months. well I was running low this month.I had had a couple lighter periods the past couple months so I was using more regular tampons than my playtex ultra's. I had bought a BIG box of those awhile ago and barely scratched the surface.
Ok so being a tad thrify when it comes to these kinds of products I was kinda checking sales. I do like the always infinity pads but they are mondo freakin expensive.
I had been seeing these U by Kotex commercials so I checked their website. They have a youtube channel and there are some really funny/great commercials there. youtube.com/user/ubykotex check them out. My fave is the guy in the femanine care aisle asking women for help for what to buy his girlfirend.
I checked walgreens website and there is a 2 for 7 dollar deal going on now. I bought a box of regular tampons and a box of overnight pads.
my period does tend to be on the heavy side most times sooo I do a tampon with a pad backup. Just when I think it's not heavy and don't use the pad backup it likes to get heavy again and then i am ruining a good pair of panties. SO to avoid these situations i just use a backup all the time. Generally why I like the thinner pads like the infinity's.
The tampons and pads are in these really cute really really brightly colored wrappers. the tampons are color coded to match their wrapper... bright green wrapper bright green applicator.
I realize it's a novelty but hey i am still a girl and think it's cute.
Let me start with saying I hate tampax pearl for some reason no matter what I leak with those. really frustrating. So i had switched to playtex gentle glide I have to admit I like the scented ones. they open all around so i rarely leak (well unless my period likes to fake me out thinking i need a lower absorbancy and then bam back to super heavy flow)
The U tampons are on the opening width wise all around and so far so so good. BUT I am not on my heaviest days right now. I am tempted to go back and buy a box of super tampons and a box of regular pads. So i have them for next month.
so if you have a walgreens near you and want to try something new check out the new U by kotex. You can't miss their boxes they are black with brightly colored areas and the wrappers of their pads/tampons are neon colors. At least check out their youtube channel for their social experiment videos. Very refreshing compared to every other tampon commercial out there.


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