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random One Tree Hill post

Click if you want to read my thoughts on season 7

Ok I finally watched season 7. I had missed it this year due to other things being on my lack of dvr and my vcr being broken.
So I had downloaded all the eps and watched them in the last 3 days.
I have to say WOW. GREAT season. I woke up today with my eyes all swollen since I cried for like 4 hrs straight due to the shows dealing with Haley's mom. Pathetic maybe but I do love the show.
I can't believe the ended on such a cliff hanger when they were not sure the show would come back next year.
And ok regarding the cliff hanger uum do they always have to have some psycho do something horrible?? Can we get no crazy people next season c'mon.
 I am so happy for Brooke. I didn't always like her and I certainly did not want her with lucas back when but I love her and Julian and it's about time she be happy.
I am not a fan of Quinn's I really can't stand her. I am on the fence with Clay but I like him more than Quinn.
I have to say due to what happened this season on the show the lack of Lucas and Peyton was way obvious. I mean Haley dealing with all that with her mom and she never even calls her best friend even though Leyton are kinda supposed to be in touch. I mean for cryin out loud have them call them every once in awhile even if we don't have both sides of the convo shown on tv. I do not think Quinn/Clay fill that void left by them at all.
I guess maybe if you are watching weekly it may not be as obvious but I watched the shows back to back to back.
The last ep where they go away together kinda reminded me of the cabin in the woods ep back in uum season 3 after the school shooting or even the Honey Grove epsiode where they had to go on a road trip to save Mouth. I LOVED those episodes. Probably my faves of the series actually.
I really hope they have more of Chase next season cus I really love his character. I loved him when he dated Brooke actually so I am glad they brought him back.
I really wasn't a fan of Millie's story this year just because I love her and Mouth together. Mouth has been one of my faves all along. He's adorable and so funny and I just want him to be happy.
Skills is also a fave but honestly I know the actor playing him had some legal issues (not sure what all happened with that if they were resolved or not) BUT I love Skills. Mouth and his relationship is always a fave as well as Jamie and Skills. I think they are so cute together.
I did actually like Victoria this year glad they didn't keep her as the mean dragon lady she was last season.
I wish Brooke maybe would have kept in touch with Sam. Her relationship with Sam and Sam and Victoria were like HUGE last year and to not even mention, after being such a big part of the show last year was disappointing.
I was glad to see Owen again though I did really like him. I thought maybe the scenes with Millie they could maybe get those two together... I mean she did lose her virginity to him after all. Why not explore those two as a couple... BUT I think Millie will disappear since she's supposed to be heading Clothes for Bros in new york :(

Ok overall I was pretty darn happy with season 7. I will of course be buying the dvds. Next season I am sure I will do like I did with this season now that they changed season 8 to tuesday nights when NCIS is on. For frick's sake can't a girl catch a break? I need a dvr or something lol cus I keep missing all my shows due to changes in schedules.

OK I am done babbling about one of my fave tv shows.


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Jun. 14th, 2010 12:35 am (UTC)
So yeah, I agree with you on everything you said. Especially the part about the crazies. I said the same thing to Mike (Yes, he watched OTH w/ me and actually LOVES it lol) They can't go very long without having a crazy insane villan. That's one thing I could do without. Other than that I loved the season too and thought they did a decent job of keeping the show going without 2 of the main characters
Jun. 14th, 2010 01:11 am (UTC)
I wish they would go back to when they didn't have to bring someone to be the crazy villan. Ok Dan was the villan but since he's all changed now he won't be... but I don't think we need the psycho of the season like they have been doing.
So how do you feel about Quinn? I don't really like her.
I think her character is kinda douchey. She was a total douche to her husband even though they grew apart it didn't give her the right to be an ass like she was and honestly I don't think the actress is that great. yea she's pretty but it seems she can only play two emotions either sad or happy she doesn't imo have much range. It's like they cast her to be in a bikini and that's about it.
I have to say I did like Alex.She started out horrible but they brought her character kinda full circle. I hope they bring her back next year. I'd like to see the Chase/Alex/Mia triangle play out and maybe take the place of clay/quinn or hell get rid of quinn and have clay with someone else.
I think they did a decent job too even though now lucas and peyton are hardly ever mentioned which makes me sad since P Sawyer is Brooke's best friend and Lucas is Nathan's brother and Haley's best friend. I don't think Quinn fills Peyton's shoes at all. Honestly I'd rather have bitchy Taylor around rather than quinn lol at least I can love to hate taylor.
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