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Writer's Block: Star struck

Do you think celebrities deserve as much recognition, attention, and money as we, as a society, give them? What do you think it says about our cultural values?

Actually no I do not. the past how many years were the tabloids and paparazzi have really turned me off to many celebs. I hate the whole celeb worship thing, I really do. I am not one who will post pictures or anything that are of these people in their daily life. I think we should just let them lead their lives. If they are not working leave them the hell alone. I don't agree with having their children all over the tabloids either unless a picture is taken with permission then it is an invasion of their privacy. There are certain celebs that stay out of the public eye and keep their kids out of it as well and I totally respect those people. In my opinion you don't need to thrust yourself or your family into every tabloid or celeb site possible to prove you do good work. Good work stands on it's own without whoring yourself.

I also think those who worship celebs have some issues of their own. I'm sorry but I do. I can't get behind someone who just lives for someone who is a celeb. who spends all their money and money they do not have to emulate someone else. It's sick. This is a huge problem nowadays people need to have the most expensive even when they don't have the money to pay for it because their idol has it... well your idol i am sure gets half (or all) of this shit for free so they can be seen with whatever product while you who does not make these millions have to shell out tons of cash for it. I think that part of "celebrity" is fucking horrible. I don't think they should get all these expensive things for free just because they go to an awards show or they are lured to an awards show just because of the free shit they will get (also makes me lose respect for most celebs).
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