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This Lady's Life:
& When She’s Gone… Remember you once loved her, you once needed her, and you once cared about her more than anything in the world. You can’t deny she was ever there, you can’t deny that it ended over absolutely nothing, and you can’t deny that, regardless, you still think about it. No other girl could love you the way she did, correction, the way she does. One day, when you forgot about your “new girl”, you’ll remember the “real girl;” you know, the one that gave you everything, trusted you, the one whose heart you broke. And you’ll come back, and as much as it hurts her to say, she’ll be strong. She’ll look at you and say, “you had your chance, you took your chance for granted, and you ruined your chance of being with me.” Then she will turn and walk away, wishing it wasn’t over, wishing nothing had changed, but knowing that this is for the better, and from that point on, you’ll realize what a beautiful thing you took for granted and what an amazing girl you destroyed.
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