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as i sit here my nephew has a slight fever and is sneezing. Sooo guess who will be sick by the weekend... you got it ME.
Kelly's kids are sick too.
Since Mr Evan is sick we are taking it easy today. He is drooling all over me, which let me tell ya i pretty gross. I am trying to get him to sleep since he barely slept last night or so i was told.
I guess he slept with kevin and gayle last night so she told me to nap with him this afternoon. I have started taking some airborne to keep myself from getting sick but who knows.

an another more shallow note my nails have been growing for over a month. they look really good . they are about the length I would get them when I would get fake nails done. Well the other day i noticed a crack in the side of my right middle finger. I really do not want to cut them all down so i bought this sally hansen inta-fix i put it on sunday but needed to reapply today. i kinda hope i can use this til my nail grows out a bit. so cross your fingers that it works. hey i dont have much vanity but now that i have long nails that are my own I kinda wanna keep them. I should just buy one of those acrylic kits just for occassions like this huh.
Tags: chloee, evan james, gayle, liam, my life

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