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Sick :(

I knew it was coming. Liam and Chloee were sick... Evan was sick now here I am with a running nose and a sore throat. I did take airborne and stuff and I've been really good taking my daily multivitamin. I still got it.
The sinus stuff here is terrible barely lasts 4 hrs. I need to get some of the good stuff... the stuff now kept behind the pharmacy counter. I need a fix of sudafed 24hr. That would make my life complete right now.
I woke up at least 4 times over night. To blow my nose cus it was stuffed and runny and because I had a monster sinus headache from my lovely sinus pressure.
Finally at around 6am I said screw it and decided to stay awake instead of trying to go back to sleep again. I know I will be trying to take a nap at some point.

It's just after 8am and I am starving. Not much food in the house right now that I really want but I really don't feel like going to put my contacts in to go get something either. Maybe I can scavenge a can of soup or something from the cabinets.

I have been doing my usual remedy of apple cider vinegar for my throat and that is sorta helping and it does clear my nose for a bit but it does nothing for the pressure which is causing my pain.

Other than being sick life is pretty good no major dramas to report about. I guess that's good right.
Gayle is due to have the baby next week but Evan was early so maybe Virginia will be early too. I am getting kind of excited. I just hope she will be as good as Evan was/is. That kid is seriously one of the best babies. He's a pretty laid back kid and goes with the flow.
Ok I could gush about the kid forever so I will stop this now. Hope you all have a great weekend.
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