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went to sally beauty supply....

I generally know better to go in there BUT i was in search of something that will keep my nails from breaking. I have sally hansen's hard as wraps gel but it kinda starts cracking and flaking after a few days. It does work though. I don't want to get silk wraps or anything. I hate going to the salon. after going for years and years waiting forever to finally get my nails done even sometimes after making an appointment and they take walk ins first (grr) My natural nails generally do not grow or if they do grow they peel or break not long after. So i generally keep them short and really don't mind. Well my nails started growing in july and i just kinda let them go see how long it is til they break and i cut them all down right. well they pretty much kept growing. i had to file down 1 or two for an issue but there was no breakage. Even after changing diapers and washing my hands all the time and all that.. still no breakage all without polish or anything on them. My thumb nail did break a couple weeks ago but that's ok i didn't cut the rest of my nails just for the thumb that nail for some reason grows quick. That broke putting Evan in his carseat. So i did finally start putting stuff on my nails to keep them growing... I had a bit of a split in my one nail and i bought sally hansen instafix which worked well I finally took it off today and i think i finally filed down the damaged part without having to cut my nails. After my nails started growing a bit i started using the sally hansen natural nail growth activator i've had this stuff for years and barely used it since my nails were always so short. this stuff does seem to make my nails stronger though.
ok so to get back to my sally's trip...
I wandered the nail aisle forever. Looking at everything. Debating on getting more poshe topcoat and serche vite top coat since i use those often. finally I saw this instant artificials made by salon sciences claims to make your nails as hard as acrylics. ok it's 7.99 not bad so i pick it up and keep looking. i was actually looking at getting a wrap kit to maybe try doing that myself... needless to say i decided against that. maybe one of these days i'll check into that but not today. I also wanted to get another file block since i had one and it was old so i tossed it. then I also saw this Rock top coat. i have toyed with getting this one before but always decided against it since I don't have a UV light (which i do want to get) and it says on the box it reaches maximum hardness in sunlight or with a uv light. I also picked up a package of nail bandages just in case i do get a split when i am out i can keep these in my purse.
So all in all I spent 25 bucks not bad i had hoped to spend less but I should know myself better lol I love sally beauty supply.

I have done my nails with the IA and they are hard. I checked MUA for reviews there were only 4 but all 100 percent and would buy again. I am just curious how long this will last without cracking or chipping... the reviews for that were not bad either... I will let you know.
I am gonna actually have my mom try this stuff for her nails. her nails have also sucked since taking her acrylics off like mine have.
eta a couple pics behind the cut

I found this picture on the web of a kit i did not see this kit it's a back to naturals kit with the instant artificials included
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