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fuck fuck fuck fuck

just spilled a good amount of one of my fave perfumes. Dior's Pure Poison Elixir. its in an atomizer type bottle. I had taken a shirt off and carelessly tossed it towards my dresser and since my dresser is full of perfume bottles it was towards the edge. i didn't notice and the bottle fell on top of the shirt. Now my room smells of perfume which I love the perfume but it is way too much. I just tossed the shirt in the washer.... but now i have not even a quarter of the bottle of perfume left (i had about half a bottle before it spilled)
I am so upset with myself. I don't know if they sell this in stores anymore and not that I have the cash right now to replace it. I don't have a credit card or I'd look to buy it online. :(

I guess this is what I will ask for,for christmas. I added it to my amazon wishlist so I can hope someone I know sees it and knows just what to get me.
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