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nail update....

it's friday no chips. I did end up with a crack in my nail BUT it was already forming my other crack is still there too I had to touch that up with sally hansen's insta fix BUT I am going out today to get some silk wrap and glue to fix then without worrying that the insta fix won't hold.
I did find  with the help of the nail gurus on MUA a video to fix splits with nail glue and using a teabag. Hey in a pinch that's awesome but I don't have nail glue soooo since i have to buy that anyway I am gonna get the wraps.
The instant artificials is really great stuff. I know most people can't go 5 days without a chip in the polish and this has stayed on. Granted I used that rock topcoat as well but I think the 2 coats of IA made a huge difference.
Since I am gonna get the wraps I might just change my nails and do a colored polish just to hide the wrap.. if it doesn't get transparent as I'd like for the bare nail look that I usually like.

 I just wanted to give you a quick update on this stuff. I keep trying to convince my mom to try it but she hasn't yet.
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