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Do you think having children is a fundamental human right? Should there should be any restrictions?

Normally I'd say yes.
But I've seen more and more news stories about parents helping bully or even encouraging their kids to beat people up or whatever.
I have issues with these people being parents. Kids do stupid shit... we all know this. We've all done stupid shit as kids but our parents are there to guide us to better decisions. what happens to society if the parents are as immature as the children? These kids grow up with no sense of right or wrong and that's what their children learn. It's a never ending cycle.
I am with kids all the time. I've watched kids most of my life. I am a person who helps teach these kids right and wrong. I am personally responsible for leading kids on the right path.
The more I see parents being involved in some of this horrible behavior the more I think there should be some kind of test before someone has a kid. Kids are nasty to each other as it is the parents shouldn't be fucking helping. Kids need to learn to take responsibility for their actions if their parents are in on it how are these kids going to do that?

ok yes so I've gone off on a tangent but this shit really bothers me

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