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Nails are wrapped and polished

my pinky looks a little bit thicker due to the wrap being on it but I can deal with that.I left my nails natural cus they didn't look that bad.some people have imperfections on their real nails so i am not too bothered by it. I have to say the wraps weren't that hard to do. it was getting them to fit that was a problem. having to trim and trim I did use only one wrap for both fingers since i had so much leftover. I wasn't going to waste it.
I did two coats of IA over the wraps then did one of rock topcoat. I probably could have used another coat you can faintly see the cross marks of the wrap but no one would notice that but me.
I really would like to get a uv lamp to cure my nails but today was sunny so i went outside to cure the topcoat. the UV light will have to wait cus that bad boy is like 50 - 60 bucks
Seche vite has one but the reviews on that one arent good. that one cost like 24 bucks.

My other middle nails is a tad weak i am always paranoid about breaking it even with the IA I think i filed it weird so that is the problem. I may end up wrapping it but who knows. I have to say that instant artificials was so worth it. i totally love it.
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