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Nail update:

I did my nails tonight. I could have waited since I had no chips or anything but I was bored.
Nails are still long and that instant artificials is still awesome. If you are trying to grow out your nails and want them strong I would suggest this.
I've heard great things about nail magic BUT that has some not so awesome ingredients. Nail Life has a good nail strengthener as well from what I've heard too.
I've also heard biotin suppliments are good too. I think I am gonna go out and buy some and give those a try too. I saw some on sale in the nail aisle for like 30 bucks but I think I will just try the regular suppliments though. Not the mondo expensive ones.
I do have a bit of peeling started on my right thumb nail... which is why I have issues with this nail growing. it hasnt started peeling yet but I filed it down a little past the peely part.
I have been moisturizing my cuticles and fingers with either  vitamin e (been breaking open vitamin e capsules and smearing them on my fingers) or using avocado oil.
My patches are holding nicely  and my nail polish (OPI rent) i used tonight is very sheer it's pretty much a clear with some glitters and a bit of iridescence. I should take pictures and keep like a weekly  record of growth and all that.
My own nails growing is a new thing so this is very exciting for me so be prepared for my talking about it lol.

I actually went thru some of my nail polishes that have been kinda not used in forever. I need to buy some new stuff. I'd like to get some of those cute nail art polishes too just in case or just some brushes to use with polish I already have. I was looking for a black polish cus i thought about doing a french manicure with black tips but I could not find my black. I must have let someone borrow it.
I saw some really awesome tuts on water marbling with nail polish and stuff so I need to get some stuff I can do that with. If I do end up doing that I will for sure take pics and show you guys.
I also saw some really cute stuff with using rubber stamps  and stamping on some nail art. I may have to check out hobby lobby for some stamps lol
I guess instead of makeup nail stuff is a bit cheaper of a hobby lol. I haven't bought makeup in ages and if my nails are growing and whatever I might as well keep them lookin pretty right lol.
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