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Man, let me just say my period is killin' me. I am all crampy and cranky.
I kinda stocked up on pads and tampons. i got a buy one get one on stayfree pads I generally don't use too many since they are just back ups for tampons. I debated on what tampons to buy. lately i get some major heavy days and then it goes from mondo heavy to like practically nothin. BUT on those heavy days I need the ultra tampons. Not just the supers OR even the super plus's no,no,no. Those are no match for my heavy days. I need those huge and yes I mean HUGE ultra sized tampons.
Only playtex had them for awhile but now I see tampax pearl has ultra sizes now. I am not a huge fan of tampax pearls so I stuck with the playtex even though the tampax were cheaper. I always leak with the tampax pearls. I think it's the way they open or something I dunno. I do better with the playtex or even kotex tampons. I didn't buy any regular tampons hopefully the 20 or so that I have will last me... if not another walgreens run. I have to say I havent had to buy anything for a long time. My sister in law gave me stuff earlier this summer. she wasnt using the tampons or pads since she was pregnant. So I haven't had to buy anything for a long while. She had a bunch of tampons she bought in bulk from costco.  The regular tampax cardboard applicator kind but hey free is free and for some reason when i get the fancier regulars i had bought the U from kotex kind (still have some actually) and I find those don't absorb as much as the cheapo tampax do.
I have seriously thought about getting one of those cup things. The Diva Cup. it's washable and it's a cup you insert and it collects the blood. Hey it would be so much cheaper no more tampons and well they say to use pads as a back up until you get good at inserting it where there are no leaks. I have been wanting to get this for years BUT I never get to a whole foods where they are sold. Yeah it would be better on the environment blah blah but I am thinkin more about money. pads and tampons are fucking expensive. It's ridiculous on how much money this shit costs. Yeah I should be worried about shoving this bleached cotton up my vagina but that's not even a thought lol.
I don't like pads so I would NEVER go the reusable pad route. maybe when i was a teen and was so afraid of tampons it wasn't even funny. I didn't start using tampons til i was 18 and I haven't looked back since.

on a non period note.....
I also head over to sally beauty supply I wanted to check out their nail art stuff. I want to try doing some of this. I bought a kiss 3 pack of nail art polish black white and a silver glitter yesterday at walgreens. I saw that the sinful nail polish now has some nail art polish for 1.99 I didn't get any but I should have the other walgreens i went to today didnt have many colors. My walgreens had a lot of the colors. the walgreens i went to today only had halloween colors. orange black white neon green.
sally beauty supply had tons of different colors for 3.99
I am wanting to try some of their polishes that I've never bought before. i've been using a lot of opi the past few years but in all honesty some of their colors need as many coats as the cheapos to get to the color on the bottle.... I have used lots of sally hansen stuff for years and I do have a few sinful colors from walgreen and that nail polish is not bad at all.
I want to try the china glaze and fingerpaints polishes. they have lots of nice colors.
I am really trying to not be such a nail polish snob lol since i do have quite a few opi polishes. I guess now in my opinion it's the base coat and the topcoat that keeps the polish nice and chip proof not the actual polish. Ever since I started using orly's bonder base and noticed how much longer polish held using that over any other base coat i used. It really opened my eyes.
After having acrylics for so long and having polish last that really spoiled me. I hated polishing my natural nails. I hated the chips and all that. I wanted my polish to last a long time on my real nails. On my toes polish lasts forever. fingers not so much. BUT now even using that instant artificials polish lasts longer. I do wash my hands a whole bunch when I have Evan since I am changing diapers and if it can hold up to hand washing a million times a day it's pretty darn good.
I am still working on trying to get my mom to try it.
I bought another topcoat..... Until i get my UV light I need to find a HG substitute lol I got the brucci acrylic top coat. I want something super shiney. I did see a heat cured top coat I could try that one too and cure that with a hair dryer lol
I bought a crystal nail file too. I wanted to get a glass file but that was a bit spendy for this week so I got the cheaper crystal one. I also got some non acetone nail polish remover since I do have a few nails with silk wraps on them.
Ok I think I am done babbling for the afternoon lol gonna finish watching reruns of ally mcbeal on reelz channel  man I need to save up to the series boxed set. I missed this show



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Oct. 1st, 2010 08:25 pm (UTC)
I love the Tampax Pearl Ultra. I think they fixed the design, because I originally hated it. Now, it's the only tampon I use. I use the Ultra during my heavy days to sleep. Since I began using it I've never had a problem and that's at least eight hours of sleep.

I too use a backup pad :)
Oct. 1st, 2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
hhm maybe I should have tried them. I haven't used pearls in ages because I always leaked using them.
Playtex has had the ultras for ages now and i've used them since I heard about them. because my period can be so out of control on the heavy days I NEED pad back ups. i was using always infinity but why pay so much for a stupid pad when I mainly use a tampon. I haven't had a major issue using playtex ultra when I sleep. I LOVE them for when i sleep i used to have to like set a timer for a few hours at a time before ultras came out. cus i'd always always always leak on heavy days esp during sleeping. I can't always get thru 8hrs on my heavy days but its better than before.
thanks for telling me your experiances with the tampax pearl ultras
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