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ah sunday mornings

Well my day started out painful.
My brother's dog scratched on my door cus he wanted to be let out. I had been up a tad earlier to go to the bathroom so he knew i was sort of up.... well I go to round my bed and my right pinky toe  hits my footboard. I thought at the time I just stubbed it. Unfortunately i've scratched myself on the footboard and rammed my foot into it more than once. Well after I let him in I went back to sleep.
 When I get up again I was wondering why my toe hurt so much still.... well come to see that  some of my toenail now lifts away completely from my toe.... ah lovely. I was going to paint my toenails today too. I got a new purple nail polish that looks sooo pretty. Looks like that is gonna wait cus the removing of the polish I have on now well will be painful. I knew I should have changed my polish yesterday...grrr.
So now I have a bandaid on my toe,it's still throbbing. I broke this toe before my brother left a barbell in the middle of the basement floor and I went looking for the remote for the tv and wacked my pinky toe into it.
I've also lost the nail to this same toe. When i was a kid we were on vacation in fla and all smooshed into the car I slammed the car door on it. hopefully if my nail does come off it grows back, I can't handle having a bald toe forever.
Man,if I would have just ignored that scratch at the door everything would be wonderful right now. I'd be repainting my toes.
I just got up awhile ago but I feel like I need a nap already.
Well having my period doesn't help though. I get so tired and could sleep for days.


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