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ok I got curious with the nail art polishes i bought. I think I am holding off buying more until I can find the orly nail artist ones. those are water based and if you fuck up you can just wipe off and start over unlike the ones I have.  I started out doing my ring finger and pointer finger but i fucked up on both ring fingers and said fuck it after I had to redo my polish on both fingers.

the usual click for a bigger picture

I have two coats of instant artificials on two coats of opi rent and the tufcoat plus topcoat
rent is sheer with iridescence and glitters, i'd love to get another bottle of this polish but it's discontinued. it has a bit of an opal appearance. I love it
I do have a silk wrap to fix cracks on my left pinky and my right middle finger. in case anyone is keeping score.
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