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I was in dreamland. My brother's dog woke me up to let him out. I was trying to turn over and ignore it for a min and I went to move my hand under my pillow and crack. I cracked my pinky nail almost completely in half. broke on both sides and was hanging on for dear life in the middle.
I let the dog out then went to the bathroom myself debating if I wanted to just rip the nail off and go back to bed... weeelll since I am not watching any kids today. I said screw it so I got my nail polish remover and took off my nail polish grabbed my silk wraps glue and resin and proceeded to cut the silk wrap and all that fun stuff. I have the regular IBD glue not the brush on and let me just say I need to get the brush on kind cus it is a tad easier but I have to say I didn't flood my cuticle or nail bed or anything. didn't get crazy or all over the place. BUT of course the brush on stuff is easier. I do love the brush on resin though. I put 2 coats of glue on and then I did like 3 thin coats of resin on and I barely had to buff my nail smooth.Very minimal work.
I am not gonna polish til tomorrow though.I don't feel like doing all that right now. I mean crap I shouldn't be typing this yet here I am lol
I guess I am just glad I have the option to save my broken nail instead of having to cut them all down.
Ok sorry to those who are sick of me talkin about my nails lol
I am now gonna go to sleep ... again it's almost 7am.... fuuuuck.
night ya'll


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